Newstalgic American Folk Songbook Vol. 1

by Sanctuary of Sound

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Songs are from 2001-2003 mostly, re-recorded for upload. They are newstalgic tunes, which means they are new but made to seem of indeterminate age and origin. At some point some of these might infiltrate the lexicon of the larger folk library that is the human experience. Feel free to sing or play them live, if you're going to record them though get in touch with me about that, thanks.


released July 29, 2017

Joshua Ploeg a/k/a Joshua Plague did it



all rights reserved


Sanctuary of Sound Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Aw'y At Sea
out on th' waves, past th' sun
our brave man, he travl'd
whar' ye gae 'cross the sea, 'round th' cape
t'ward th' end of yer run
on th' quay we a-gathr'd
an' prayed tha' ye'd safely come

aw'y aw'y, aw'y at sea
an' we pray tha' ye come home agin
an' each night, we light
a candle in th' window
tha' Joe, ye may find yer way

all th' days, an th' nights
an' fortnights a-waitin'
'til one grey morn' we b'came
much aggriev'd the word come
on tha' nae bonnie mornin'
tha' ye'd nae be com'n t'port agin

aw'y aw'y, an' back ye come nae more
ne'er t'see yer visage agin
but each night, we still light
a candle in th' window
tha' Joe,we may see ye agin

an' aye!, th' wind blows
ye' timbers tremble,
an' aye!, th'waves toss, them break
wi' a sound mor' mournful
than yer daughters a-cryin'
Joe Solomon's gon' a'sea

aw'y aw'y, out on th' deadly sea
we lost us a good ship agin
so each night we light
a candle in the window
tha' Joe may come t'port someday

'neath the waves, 'neath the waves
wher' th' storm, na' silent
won' trouble ye nae mor', na' ye rest
frae th' bottom his soul
a-well ha' travel'd
to the hea'en atop th' waves

aw'y aw'y, aw'y at sea
an' ye'll ne'er be com'n home agin
but each night , we light
a candle in th' window
tha' Joe, ye may find yer way
Track Name: 'Et by th' Baaar
Well my Uncle Jesse, he walk'd 'round 'pon two canes
e'ryone knew thar's a tale b'hind it but nae a man'd say a thing
when n'er told them tales'll soon be fergot
an' ere long no man coul' say
then one day th' chil'ren cam' a wonderin'
an' so then they ask'd me "why?"

an' I says "back in th'day when his legs were mor' strong'r
we went a-huntin' in the more
an' ere long it came t'pass b'fore e'en
tha' his legs were 'et by th' baaar"

One day long ago we were all out a-huntin'
when Jess done spott'd him a baaar
He shot off 'is rifle an' got 'im a good 'un
but tha' baaar gon' n' tak' off a-runnin'

* CH*

We all split up t' track tha' great beastie
an' Jesse din't notice tha' baaar
ha' snuck up b'hind 'im an' when he turn't t'see
he got a shock an' he tripp'd an' fell
tha' baaar waste n'time an' set upon 'im
an' went an' chewed up them legs
an' tha' thar' chil'ren is why yer UncleJesse
a-walks upon two canes!

* CH*
Track Name: Hey, Cousin!
Hey cousin! Hey! Hey!
hey cousin!
I see ya here now but I bes' na' see ya here nae mor'
Hey cousin! Hey! Hey!
hey cousin!
ye'd bes' git back to Virginia an' leave Andersonville behind

I'll turn ye loose if'n ye go on an' git right now
Heed what I say, can't do ya no fav'r twice!
I say git yerself back t'Virginia an' cross them Alleghanies

Hey cousin! Hey! Hey!
hey cousin!
Git on yer way, don't look back can't do ya nae fav'r agin
Hey cousin! Hey! Hey!
hey cousin!
Ye'd bes' git back to Virginia an' lay tha' rifle down

Be glad t'see ya when we're fightin' nae mor'
now git t'yer wife an' dain't ye come back
Les' ye get yerself int' trouble lik' ye' dun in Tennessee

Hey cousin! Hey! Hey!
hey cousin!
Ye'd better saddle up an' ne'er come back t'Georgia nae mor'
Hey cousin! Hey! Hey!
hey cousin!
Ye'd bes' git back to Virginia an' lay tha' rifle down
Track Name: I Ain't Ridin' T'day
I seen a spider spun a web an' then it blew away
na' I ain't ridin' t'day
Ye' use too much starch woman, shirt won't fit
na' I ain't ridin' t'day
I busted muh tooth on a peanut shell
an' I ain't ridin' t'day
Well ye' bak'd me a cake an' hell it dun fell!
so I ain't ridin't'day

An' you can't make me ride, you can't make me ride
ye' can't make me ride t'day
Nae you can't make me ride, you can't make me ride
ye' can't make me ride agin!

I seen tha' hoorse a-lookin' at me!
na' I ain't ridin' t'day
An'I jes' spied a crooked ol' willow tree
I says I ain't ridin' t'day!
Damn rooster done crow'd one minute past dawn
so's I ain't ridin' t'day
Well it's too damn cold an' I'm too damn old
I tell ye' I ain't ridin' t'day!

Track Name: John Marshall's Army
Hey John Marshall sound th' trumpet
an' march we down t'Georgia
na' John Marshall ring th' bell
an' we shall ride t'Tennessee
John Marshall give th' signal
an' we'll head on down t' 'Bama
John Marshall's army marchin' now
all the way t'Oklahomie

Na fer all who care t'see justice done
ye' join John Marshall's army
t'fix it wit' them whom Jackson wronged
stand fer John Marshall now
t' th' president we oughtta say
we'll muster up Virginia
t' them fools we must respond
we'll roust them Carolinas!

I must tell all ye' do-right men
an' th' truth ye' can't deny
stand up now fer th' rights of kin
lest salvation pass ye' by
t'fly against a righteous cause
I know t'be a grievous sin
raise yer voice an' tak' a side
an' pray that Marshall win!

Track Name: John the Baptist
Bring your spirit down to the riverside
bring your body down on by the riverside
Elijah come, Elijah come
cleanse your soul,the water run
Elijah come,Elijah come
one and all, his will be done

Bring your brother down to the riverside
bring your sister on down by the riverside
there is a man there is a man
Elijah come, Elijah come
there is a man there is a man
did all the things they say Jesus done

Bring your mother down to the riverside
bring your father on down by the riverside
there is a man by the river Jordan
did all the things they say Jesus done
there is a man by the river Jordan
Elijah come,Elijah come

Bring your kings and queens to the riverside
by his hand baptized- fire,water, ice
by his hand by his hand
Elijah come, Elijah come
in the spirit, Elijah come
down by the river Jordan
one and all,his will be done
one and all,his will be done
Track Name: Mountain Climbin' Mabel
They called her mountain climbin' Mabel in her boots and belt
she scaled the big 'uns when few even would
she climb'd up thar so fast, we thought she'd ne'er stop

With naught but a few tools- stakes, spikes an' rope
long ago tha' darin' Mabel she did climb
the high peaks like Baker up in tha' Cascade range
tough gal', dint mind a challenge an' no man coul' hold her back!


She dint care whut people thunk, no sir not she
she'd say t' her man- na' hold muh coat I'm-a goin' up thar!
no fallin' rocks,no wind, no earth a-shakin' could throw her on down
an' if it had, well she'd git up an' start agin!


People thought she were crazy, an' maybe ye'd have t'be
t'brave th' ice and th' rock an' go where ye' coul' hardly breathe
but she got th' last laugh when she climb'd t' the' top
got a view of th' world them naysayers ne'er could!

Track Name: Stony Point Song
General "Mad" Anthony Wayne (another distant relative) makes a daring nighttime run to take Stony Point from a small British garrison with a fixed bayonet charge under cover of darkness.
Track Name: Take My Airs
Take me as I am, and take me as I say
take my airs, they are as truth to thee
take my words, put your trust in fate
take my arm, swing up on this saddle
and cross the water with me

Don't listen to your pa na' he never took to me
don't listen to your ma, she'll tell ye I'm no good
don't listen to the townfolk, they think that I'm a thief
don't listen to the preacher, he'll say that it's a sin

Well your ma'll tell ye that I lie
your pa'll say I got no wedding gift
the townfolk think I'm wicked, but you know they're pryin'
the preacher...he don't know a goddamned thing

Track Name: That Hessian Tak' A Wyfe Agin
Well na' ye' her'd tha' Hessian gon' an' tak' a wyfe agin?
haw many wommen can-a' one man spend?
tha' ol' Hessian gon' an' got another woman!
haw many wyfe can'a' one man git?

an I her'd he ha' 'nother wyfe, 'nother wyfe
he ha' 'nother wyfe a-fore!
I tell ye na' he ha' 'nother woman ar two
a-fore tha' Hessian tak' a wyfe agin!

Hey tha' John Cross gon' an' dun ga' married
t' some poore gentle lil' lass!
well he ha' pas' sixty an he ha' plenty women
an' nae mar naughty coul' he bae!

an' I her'd he ha' two 'nother wyfe two wyfe
he ha' a-two wyfe a-fore!
I tell ye na' tha' man ha' tw'other women ar three
afore tha' Hessian tak' a wyfe agin!

I know men whae marry a time ar two
an' men wh'av a woman har' or thar'
bu' nae sae much as tha' ol' Hessian ha'
nex' he gon' trye an' marry me!

An'I her'd he ha' three other wyfe three wyfe
he ha' three other wyfe a-fore!
an' t' tha' he ha' a-three mor' women ar' foure
a-fore tha' Hessian tak' a wyfe agin!

Now Hesse I har's a land far aw'y
whar I surmise na' the wommen bae strange!
an' he mak' these odd customs in tha' far off lan'
but na' he brung 'em on t' this place

An' I say I her'd he ha' a foure 'nother wyfe foure wyfe
he ha' a-foure wyfe a-fore!!
I her'd tha' Hessian ha' 'nother woman ar foure
a-fore tha' Hessian ha' a wyfe a-fore!
Track Name: Tory Farm
Well man, na' I her'd ye' sayin'
at the' town hall jes' th' other day
tha' ye'd have a notion t'sit home fer th' war
an' King George ye' coul' ne'er b'tray

Well they're sayin' ye gon' an' turnt on Gen'ral Warshington
an' if'n ye' ain't well then ye' may well can
all's I knaw is tha' we nay will trust ye'
an' na' yer gonna stay on yer tory farm

Well th' king gon' an grant' ye tha' farm ye'sit on
so t'our men na' quarter ye'd deny
an' since ye tak' t' yer land much mor' than' t' yer kin
on tha' piece o' ground na' ye' will stay behin'


T' our men ye' coul' turn an' cut 'em down
t' liberty ye'd turn yer back
t' them British ye coul' tell a thang ar two
so we nay can 'fford ye' doin' tha'

Track Name: Vashti
Vashti, Vashti
ye'd bes' pack yer bags an' go on na', Vashti
Vashti, Vashti
go on down t' Charleston na' Vashti
ye'd bes' go on an' listen here
an' don' bring shame t' th' family na' Vashti

Hey Vashti, Vashti
wait up na' don' listen t' him na' Vashti
stay ye home, stay ye home
Ye don' need t' go down t' Charleston na' Vashti
ye' always welcome here wi' kin
ye' always welcome home na' Vashti

Na' Ma, na' Ma
I ain't stayin' here t' be bested na' Ma
na' Pa, na' Pa
well I guess ye can go on an' tak' yer leave then na' Pa
Vashti's stayin' here wi' me
then I'm goin' na' says he, na' Ma

Vashti, Vashti
tell me how's yer Pa na', Vashti?
Vashti, Vashti
tell me how's yer Ma na', Vashti?
awful glad ye' stayed a' home
mighty glad yer home na' Vashti
Track Name: The Whiskey Pie Song
B'fore I tell my tale
so glad I am I say
t' have th' privilege t' be
in this distinguished company

T' take wit' salt t'would not be bad
but tis better wit' a shot me lads
an' now I tell ye, free o' lies
some tales regarding whiskey pies

For it's whiskey pie for me
an' it's whiskey pie for ye
wheth'r tis bourbon, scotch or rye
you'll find it in tha' whiskey pie
oh! it's whiskey pie for ye
an' it's whiskey pie for me
wheth'r ye be drunk or dry
ye coul' do wit' a slice o' whiskey pie

With whiskey pie I get along
on whiskey pie I wrote this song
in spite o' whiskey I ne'er fergit
the fates so many men have met

I tell ye of ol' John
whae fer liquor so did lust
he says don' bake tha' pie, I'll drink it raw!
like it were nog wit' a bit o' crust
an' drank it doon he did
though th' bakin' it did lack
well he kiss'd th' roast an' ate 'is wyfe
an' now he's lyin' on 'is back


An' when ol' Joe a-lay in bed
wit' an' achin' in 'is head
he ate 'im a three o'them
an' ne'er did he git up agin!
or when two pies by the mayor were giv'n
to a local clergyman
first he et' th' one an' then th' two
an' na' he's married to a mule


I hope ye all a-know
th' purpose o' me tale
na' t' scare or nay deter
but encourage ye t' drink some more!