Ye Olde Newstalgic Songes of Lammastide and Other Affaires

by Sanctuary of Sound

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Here are five new (or newstalgic, if you will) ditties concerning Lammas that I have penned, feel free to sing them at Lammastide if you can figure out how they are supposed to go!
There simply were not enough Lammas-themed songs out there for my taste.
Also included are three older songs (from 2003-2004)- Upon the Lintel, Myne Swete Creme of Kine and Nae Aunt Mary, which are all also part of that Newstalgic concept where I make up olde sounding lyrics and use mashups of ancient tunes to make goofy songs which some day will become the new Ring Around the Rosie... who knows what will happen?
You will notice that much of the time an album costs a dollar but the songs are free. That is the sort of silly contradiction I wish for all to enjoy. So,enjoy!


released August 1, 2017

Joshua Ploeg/ Joshua Plague did everything



all rights reserved


Sanctuary of Sound Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Straw Dolly
They brought to the square
a lass of flaxen hair
adorned in bows and baubles
and after a time
placed her on the fire there
and turned to ash Straw Dolly
she turned to ash, Straw Dolly

They brought a lad
built strong of grain
stitched up in boots and reed mail
after a while
he met the pyre
and turned to ash Straw Billy
he turned to ash, Straw Billy

And at the end
we gathered all
some having much and others none
and in our turn
we greeted the flames
we turned to ash, Straw Fellows
we too are ash, Straw Fellows
Track Name: Bringing in the Corn
Come young and old
come ye merrily
a bringin' in the corn
stalks short and tall
we shall scythe them all
and lay our harvest here

Misty April,cheery May
warm June and July
'til Lammas time grows near

Stalks one and all
bring ye in the corn
and lay your harvest here
Track Name: Press, Bladder & Witches Ladder
The grapes are full upon the vine
birds aflight in late summer skies
gather to step and press me lads
come ye lasses to make the wine

Hand in hand jump up and down
let the jolly liquor flow
A few flagons to each
a cask for all
into the cellar some shall go

Up the ladder of tanager,
warbler and crossbill
and from skins overflowing
come and drink your fill
Track Name: The Sand Candle Song
A flame alight upon the sand
a bounty laid on woven reeds
in the rising tide I come to thee
and upon the ebb you shall leave with me

Follow not my beckoning sheen
of blue and grey and green
drink ye not of my poison draught
or be as sailors in tempests lost

Come pour the wax into the sand
light Lammas candles to the king
I will quench the flame with the blood of life
and ye shall bring your fruits to me
Track Name: Even As He Wanes
In his might at Midsummer's night
forever may he reign
and at Lammas time the fires still burn bright
and the grain piles higher
even as he wanes

In slumber through a winter's chill
the seed still stirs below
and as he wakes the Spring is sprung
and the bounty it shall grow

Though harvest we in the dwindling light
his gifts do all sustain
and gather we til the longest night
we toil merrily onward
even as he wanes
Track Name: Upon the Lintel King Louie Did Lose His Head
Aye, King Louie he went out a-ridin'
aye, King Louie he went out in chase
an' yea poor maiden, she run t'wa hidin'
he were so wanton t' hunt a young lass

Upon the lintel King Louie did lose his head
so hastened he t' tak' a fair maid t' bed
hurry hurry na' nay not t' tarry
when he rode through th' door as he would t' walk in

Aye na', nay sleek stag t' hunt this day
an' aye na', nay young rabbit Louie t' tak'
aye na', nay quick fox th' king t' follow
aye na', th' king seeks out fairer game


Aye th' poor maiden t' cottage flae
an' find therein some refuge t' tak'
aye na' the king nay deterr'd he press'd f'ward
an' forgettin' tha' he were 'pon a mount, crack'd 'is head


Aye na' the king a brave soldier can be
an' aye na' king be a wise minster he
all ye courtlye charges display'd through th' king
an' aye an' e'en greater fool can he be

Track Name: Myne Swete Creme of Kine Turn't Soure
I gane into th' kitchen of the kinge thise morninge
an' much to mae chagrine I discovre'd most foule
tat th' swete creme of kine which fore this meal desir'd I
hat a-sette 'pon th' ledge an' sune hat turn't hem soure

CH (and what a chorus!):
Taste ye mae swete creme
he hat become soure now
an' t;mae ladye taste hem
an' sae tat I nay jeste

Th' ladye she a taste hem an'finde hem nay sae foule
she saith tak t' ye councillor, hae shall decide wha' t' dae


Th' councillor hae taste hem an' find hem interreste
hae saith ye must gae t' th' kinge an' hav hem taste thise


Th' kinge hae a taste hem an' find hem nay sae t' offend
an' sente mae t' th' kuche wi' creme
thereupon t' bake hem een pye of soure creme


PS- on the chorus it goes
Track Name: Nae Aunt Mary Nae Marry Uncle John
Nae Aunt Mary, nae marry Uncle John
for then coul' I nae marry Cousine Anne Cousine Anne
an aye na' the bishop cast e' eye mae way
an' t' mae marriage hae a' then say nae

For a nae man th' church n' gon' twee mor' allow
an' afore on such a thing thae a' man frown'd
an' then na' bishop gan' turn m' n' Anne down
an' nae twee mor' t' marry, nae n' in th' same huis

Aye Aunt Mary an' John knae th' day
an' it trouble mae now they'd bae marr'd b'fore mae
an' after that m' n' Anne nay a weddin' day
an' I may nay marry mae n' Anne ne'er may

an' after that m' n' Anne nay a weddin' day
an' I may nay marry mae n' Anne ne'er may