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This one is something of a masterpiece, putting together inspiration from old and medieval recipes written without any standard spelling and of course a good ol' food origin story. Like,who was the first person to eat some curdled cream and go 'hey that's not half bad!' !?
We answer that here.


I gane into th' kitchen of the kinge thise morninge
an' much to mae chagrine I discovre'd most foule
tat th' swete creme of kine which fore this meal desir'd I
hat a-sette 'pon th' ledge an' sune hat turn't hem soure

CH (and what a chorus!):
Taste ye mae swete creme
he hat become soure now
an' t;mae ladye taste hem
an' sae tat I nay jeste

Th' ladye she a taste hem an'finde hem nay sae foule
she saith tak t' ye councillor, hae shall decide wha' t' dae


Th' councillor hae taste hem an' find hem interreste
hae saith ye must gae t' th' kinge an' hav hem taste thise


Th' kinge hae a taste hem an' find hem nay sae t' offend
an' sente mae t' th' kuche wi' creme
thereupon t' bake hem een pye of soure creme


PS- on the chorus it goes




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