Upon the Lintel King Louie Did Lose His Head

from by Sanctuary of Sound

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I first recorded this bugger a long time ago.
It concerns a Frankish king of yore (I suppose it would, unless there are some now that we don't know about) who rode on horseback through a cottage door while chasing some poor lady around. He forgot to duck, not sure if that would have helped, and perished soon thereafter.


Aye, King Louie he went out a-ridin'
aye, King Louie he went out in chase
an' yea poor maiden, she run t'wa hidin'
he were so wanton t' hunt a young lass

Upon the lintel King Louie did lose his head
so hastened he t' tak' a fair maid t' bed
hurry hurry na' nay not t' tarry
when he rode through th' door as he would t' walk in

Aye na', nay sleek stag t' hunt this day
an' aye na', nay young rabbit Louie t' tak'
aye na', nay quick fox th' king t' follow
aye na', th' king seeks out fairer game


Aye th' poor maiden t' cottage flae
an' find therein some refuge t' tak'
aye na' the king nay deterr'd he press'd f'ward
an' forgettin' tha' he were 'pon a mount, crack'd 'is head


Aye na' the king a brave soldier can be
an' aye na' king be a wise minster he
all ye courtlye charges display'd through th' king
an' aye an' e'en greater fool can he be





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